Following Billy’s Wish workshop visit to Year 6, the school council organised a pyjama-wearing fundraiaing day. We are so grateful that they did this, especially because it was Billy’s birthday. Here is what the school council shared with us:

Chaulden Junior School in their pyjamas!

On Friday 9th February, Chaulden Junior School held a Pyjama Day for the
children and adults who wished to participate. Everyone donated a £1 or more
to donate to Billy’s Wish, a local charity set up by the family of 21-year- old Billy
Dove who sadly passed away in 2011 by a stabbing. The charity helps warn
young people of the dangers of knives. The school raised £175.41 for the
‘We did it then as it would have been Billy’s 28th Birthday on that day,’
Chaulden pupil Darcey said. ‘It is unbelievable that something that bad could
happen near us and he was only 21.’
Lauren said, ‘I can’t believe something that sad actually happened when I was
most likely asleep with no worries and only happy thoughts. I feel so sorry for
Billy and his family as they were innocent.’
Keira said, ‘It was really really so weird wearing our pyjamas, but I would love
to do this more often!’
The event was organised by the School Council, who said ‘We are really proud
and happy to donate to such a great cause.’

I felt pretty emotional reading this – the children have clearly reflected deeply about what happened to Billy.
Hopefully our message with stay with them, helping to keep safe, as they transition to secondary school and beyond.