Tonight marks Billy’s tragic anniversary. Please remember him, his family and friends today and tomorrow.

Billy’s Wish was set up to stop this happening to anyone else. So, please also use this time to talk to your family. Talking with people you trust and building positive teams around you is the best way to keep yourself and others safe.
In the video clips that we use for school visits, I hear his young cousin saying: It’s the anger that gets me. If only he hadn’t been there that night…
His friends saying: it’s not one life you wreck it’s so many people. There’s no need to carry a knife. If you have a problem with someone, talk it out.
What have been doing as Billy’s Wish, is to try and stop other people having to say these things. Please share his story, keep the memory alive of this decent young man, a good friend to many.

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RIP Billy

#stopknifecrime #livesnotknives #allforBilly