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Support Us

We are very grateful for the support we have received from our local community, the schools we have worked with and some very special people who organise incredible events for us that raise both funds and awareness. All of these things enable us to continue our work, share Billy’s story and help to keep our children safe.

We’d love to support your fundraising if we can, and to share what you are doing for us on our blog.

So, whether it’s a cake sale, a non-uniform day, a portion of an entrepreneur or enterprise challenge or a sponsored activity – please use your imagination and let us know what you are planning!

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Our Education Programme is free for schools and other organisations to use, as we don’t want a pay wall to hold anyone back from access to our resources. However, we do need an income and we are very grateful for all donations that help us to continue our work.

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Fundraise For Us

We have a JustGiving page – log in to see if we have any current events, or set up your own. Let us know what you are planning! Please get in touch if you would like some help setting up your Just Giving page

JustGiving Page

Sign The Pledge

Join our Billy’s Wish community of people willing to make a public statement that we are living knife free and will support others to do the same – sign our Anti-Weapons Pledge today.

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Recent Fundraising

County Lines – a young person’s route into danger

County Lines – a young person’s route into danger

County Lines is the term for when gangs traffic drugs out of cities into smaller towns and rural areas. They recruit vulnerable children by befriending them and giving them gifts. Very soon, the children 'owe' money or favours to the gang and end up transporting the...

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“No more red”

Billy Dove was a big Arsenal fan, his grandad played for them, and the colours of Billy's Wish reflect that, so this initiative resonates strongly with us. Ian Wright and Idris Elba, working with adidas and Arsenal, are heading an anti knife crime initiative to...

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Bach Choir Concert

Every Christmas, St Albans Bach Choir invite the audience at their carol concerts to support a local charity nominated by choir members. This year Billy's Wish was nominated, after we visited the school of one of the choir members in July, to speak to the children....

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