saftey promise card, Billy Dove and Leverstock Green School

This morning, Billy’s Wish presented Year 6 at Leverstock Green C of E Primary School with a one and half hour workshop.
Every visit we make is different, even though we have the same resources and set out with sharing the same message. Today the class shared very thoughtful responses to the dilemmas presented to them. The children shared ideas and solutions to problems I hadn’t heard before, and offered new perspectives in some of our scenarios. As always, we at Billy’s Wish are grateful for the opportunity to share Billy’s story and talk about how we can keep ourselves and others safe. The children were very respectful of Billy’s memory and showed empathy to Billy’s family and friends.

I’d like to send a big thank you to the school for inviting us and for the very positive feedback. Emma Clarke, the Year 6 class teacher kindly sent me this message after my visit:

I am so pleased that Katharine from Billy’s Wish was able to visit our year 6 class before they move to secondary school.  Her talk was perfectly adapted to the needs of the class and age group.  Through a range of discussion prompts and activities, she addressed the dangers that they will come across and how to handle difficult situations.  Children took away the key message that you need to be able to trust the people around you and be confident to stand up for what is right.

The children were given a Billy’s Wish Safety Promise card, as pictured above. It should remind them to ask for help of they are in a situation they can’t deal with alone. It also has the numbers of organisations to contact if they need to talk to someone or to report a crime.