Short version: We all have a responsibility to keep everyone safe – let’s all be the best parents we can be, the best neighbours, and hold our politicians to account.

Here’s the long version…

To keep everyone safe, everyone needs to play their part; learn facts not just opinion, talk about problems before they get too big to handle, support those who need help and not blame other people for letting bad stuff happen.

We’re all connected!

The causes, and therefore the solutions, of knife crime are complex. It starts from the bottom up with families and parenting, and from the top down with how the country is run.

Consider this: the primary duties of government are to:

* Protect… its citizens from violence
* Provide… goods and services that individuals cannot provide individually for themselves, which benefit everyone
* Invest in talent… and potential, which means education from cradle to grave. It means access to resources and making connections.

What happens when these duties are not met?

Who should make sure they do?

At Billy’s Wish we are doing our part in our work with schools, parents and a whole range of organisations: sharing our message of how to be safe and stay safe.

We focus on the transition time from primary to secondary school when children become more independent, and then teenage years, when there is a period of brain development where special programmes, coaching and family support are important.

Let’s all be the best parents we can be, the best neighbours and hold our politicians to account